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We cover the good deeds of individuals, businesses and charities from Larry King and One Direction to Newman's Own and A&W to Free The Children and Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre.

Watch's music promo, created and voiced by singer Skye Sweetnam:


We care...and so do our readers. Advertise your products or services on an online magazine with an audience that cares about making a difference in the world. You can sponsor a section, a page or the entire site. You can advertise in general or specifically tell us about a cause your company supports or a product which gives a portion of the proceeds to a charity. It's up to you. But know that has a dedicated readership that pays attention to companies that are not just concerned about the bottom line but have programs that make a difference, on a small and large scale. Highlight a charitable employee; highlight a year-long fundraising drive; highlight a particular product.  

And remember, we are very music heavy because founder Karen Bliss is an award-winning music journalist, so get edgy, get creative. Our logo is a skull with a halo afterall. Rock 'n' roll angels!

Here's an interview Karen did with SiriusXM, which explains more about why she started Samaritanmag and her goals: