D.O.A., "Time To Fight Back," 2018

By Aaron Brophy 5/15/19 | www.samaritanmag.com

Vancouver, B.C. hardcore punk band D.O.A. have been combating injustice for four decades and their recent video for "Time To Fight Back," from the 2018 album Fight Back, makes it clear they don't intend to stop now. The video salutes activists and change-makers like Bernie Sanders, gun control activist Emma González and the late Nelson Mandela while reinforcing the message to "fight back" against despotism in all forms. Lead singer/local politician Joey Keithley has long been a passionate supporter of progressive and environmental causes and with this song — and the band's long-time rallying cry "TALK - ACTION = 0" — D.O.A. continue to fight back for a better world. Buy it here. — Aaron Brophy