VAPOR Feat. Marc Martel "No More Hurting People" 2013

By Karen Bliss 5/16/13 |

Marc Martel, the former singer for Canadian rock band Downhere who landed on Ellen after his Queen Extravaganza audition tape went viral (he got the gig, btw) co-wrote “No More Hurting People” with Mark Heimermann in honour of the victims and survivors of the Boston bombings April 15. The title, of course, are those beautiful words 8-year-old Martin Richard — who was killed in the attack — had written on a poster-board sign last year after the murder of Trayvon Martin.  The song, released under the name Vapor Feat. Marc Martel,  is free to download with a “pay what you can” option to donate towards the One Fund Boston set up for those most affected by the bombings.  “This anthem's purpose is to counter the effects of evil and hatred,” it reads on the website. Download and donate here. — K.B.