Amazon's Priest and Imam Ad Shows a Shared Humanity

By Aaron Brophy 12/6/16 |

A priest and an imam meet for a cup of tea — photo via Amazon YouTube channel
A new Amazon Prime commercial is using the pains of getting old to show the common humanity between the Christian and the Muslim world.

Titled "A Priest and an Imam meet for a cup of tea," the video follows the visit between the two elderly religious men, before showing them at their places of worship, both having physical difficulty in getting on their knees to pray.

There has been no official political statement regarding the ad from Amazon brass, however, the current divisive climate in America escalated during Donald Trump's presidential campaign when he pledged to put Muslims on a registry.  "Love this TV commercial for Amazon Prime. Very proud of our ad team," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted in response to the ad.

The YouTube version of the ad has already received 1.5 million views since debuting on Nov. 17.

"Two old friends meet for a cup of tea and discover they share a problem," says the video's YouTube page description. Each of them then independently purchases knee pads for the other so that they can be more comfortable while performing their services.

Amazon Prime is membership program which gives customers better deals to their products and services.

Watch the video for "A Priest and an Imam meet for a cup of tea"

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