Bet Smith's "Fires, Fires, Fires" Song Helps Muskoka Conservancy

By Aaron Brophy 6/19/17 |

Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers — photo provided
The devastating forest fires that raged in Fort McMurray, Alberta last year have inspired one Northern Ontario musician to help out her community.

Bet Smith, the titular head of Gravenhurst, Ontario band Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers, has donated "over 100 percent" of the proceeds from the group's 2016 online earnings to local environmental organization, Muskoka Conservancy.

Deep in Ontario cottage country, the Muskoka Conservancy's goal is "to nurture, conserve, and protect Muskoka’s natural and built heritage for future generations.” The organization currently protects 36 properties throughout Muskoka, which accounts for more than 2,400 acres and over 37,000 feet of shoreline.

After the Fort McMurray fires of last May burned 1,456,810 acres and caused $3.58 billion in insured damages, Smith wrote the song "Fires, Fires, Fires" about how the disaster affected her.

At one point in the song, Smith confronts the idea of trying to write love songs while a crisis is unfolding:

How do you write a love song in times like these
Simple little love song in times when
Big troubles in the world, spinning round, just dumb it down
How to write a love song in times like these

Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers will be part of the Sawdust City Music Festival happening August 4-6 in Gravenhurst, Ontario. The Jim Cuddy Family Band is headlining the event.

Watch Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers perform "Fires, Fires, Fires"

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