Adele, Stormzy, Marcus Mumford Part Of New Grenfell Tower Fire Awareness Video

By Aaron Brophy 12/18/18 |

Stormzy in the Grenfell United support video — screencap via Grenfell United YouTube channel
High profile British musicians Adele, Stormzy, Marcus Mumford and Akala are speaking up about the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy which caused 72 deaths in June 2017.

"FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS - NEVER FORGET GRENFELL," tweeted Adele while linking to a new video from Grenfell United titled "Celebrities join Grenfell United in call for national change, marking 18 months."

The musical stars have lent their support to a video pointing out the dangerous conditions which caused the fatal Grenfell Tower building fire — largely attributed to dangerous, flammable exterior building cladding — can still be found on 441 buildings throughout Britain. Grenfell United is an organization created by the survivors and bereaved families of the Grenfell Tower fire with a goal of establishing better building and fire safety regulation in Britain.

"This isn't a charity film, this is a clarity film," says Stormzy to launch a video that goes on to illustrate the experiences of those who survived the fire as well as the family members of those who died.

"We are not asking for money, we are not asking for sympathy, we are demanding change," Grenfell United members add in the video. "Change so families up and down the country are safe in their homes. Change so that people, no matter where they live, are treated with dignity and respect."

Grenfeel United feel government and building officials aren't being serious enough about this issue.

"We are approaching the second Christmas since our loved ones died at Grenfell but we’ve seen little change on the ground and people around the country are still living in buildings with dangerous cladding. Too often, people in social housing are treated with indifference by people who have a duty to care for them," Karim Mussilhy, vice-chair of Grenfell United said in a statement. "Dangerous cladding needs to be taken off buildings and we need a new regulator for social housing to reform the system so people are listened to and treated with respect. "We lost our loved ones but it’s not too late for others. We can’t sit back while there is a risk another tragedy like Grenfell could happen again — that’s why we’re fighting for national change."

"Politicians can’t just let this fade away and leave everything to stay the same," Akala said in the video.

The timing of the video release coincided with the conclusion of Phase One of the Grenfell Inquiry. Lawyers represented the 72 dead are looking to hold the companies and organizations who built the tower responsible for their unsafe work.

Watch the video

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