Fight to the Finish Doc with 50 Canadian War Veterans Streams For Free

By Steve McLean 11/11/20 |

Rescue in Ortona, Italy, 1943 — photo credit. still from Fight to The Finish.
A new feature-length documentary titled Fight to the Finish, featuring stories from more than 50 Canadian war veterans, can be streamed for free on the, after premiering on the TV channel on Remembrance Day,

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, and Fight to the Finish commemorates the essential role Canadian men and women played in the victory over fascism. About a million Canadians served in uniform and millions more contributed at home.

Barry Stevens, David York and Bryn Hughes, the team that previously created the TV documentary series War Story, was responsible for putting Fight to the Finish together.

The testimonies of the vets were woven together with archive combat footage that was colourized with new technology to bring viewers an experience of the war and what it meant. 

“This is the last major anniversary to mark WW2 when we can hear from these witnesses,” said director Barry Stevens in a media release. “In a few years all the people who fought and defeated fascism will be gone. For our part, perhaps the greatest honour we can give these men and women who helped win the war is to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again."



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