Video for Rise Up Anthem Promotes New Country Version for Charity

By Karen Bliss 10/9/18 |

Meghan Patrick sings her line for

Lorraine Segato has directed a video for the country cover of her empowering hit single by the Parachute Club, “Rise Up” from 1983. Proceeds from the sale of the song, sung by 17 Canadian country acts, go to four charities of her choosing, and there are plans to record a pop version too.

The famed anthem is a call to arms for equality and justice, a fitting song for various causes, especially in today’s Trump world with lines like “We want madness to end,” “We want freedom to live in this peace,” We want freedom to love who we please” and “Wantin' all the tension in the world to ease,” and, of course, the first line of the chorus: “Oh rise and show your power” and encouraging “Rise up, rise up.”

“In honour and celebration of the 35th anniversary of the song ‘Rise Up,’ we decided we wanted to do something different other than just release another version of it,” Segato said at a recent showcase by Slaight Music artists, the company that helped finance the video and had the idea for the country version.

“We wanted to build something, new bridges, new communities. We wanted to do a version where there would be a variety of people included in it and there would be charities involved in it.”

Rise Up Redux,” by The Common Cause Collective (3XC), was released by Warner Music Canada, in partnership with Rise Up Share Your Power and Slaight Music.  

The artists on the track, as seen in the video, are Gord Bamford, Cold Creek Country, Leah Daniels, Tim Hicks, Brett Kissel, Jason McCoy, Meghan Patrick, Jessica Mitchell, Madeline Merlo, The Washboard Union, Rivertown Saints, Don Amero, Dan Davidson, Kira Isabella, Jess Moskaluke and Tebey.

“It includes 17 of the best Canadian country singers from across the country, some of whom live in Nashville as well, produced by Karen Kosowski, who is a fabulous producer and this video is a mishmash of them shooting themselves or having themselves shot and collecting images from all over the place,” Segato said.

The singer then said a word about each of the charities.

“This goes to four different charities — Ecojustice, Support Our Youth,, which is an organization that works with Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to create reconciliation and They’re grassroots organizations. You can find them at You must support them because they’re fantastic and they need your support.”

The original  “Rise Up,” which went top 10 in Canada, can be found on Parachute Club’s 1983 self-titled debut album, produced by Daniel Lanois, who went on to work with U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan and others.

Slaight Music’s mandate is “to support the Canadian music community through a variety of initiatives, and to develop Canadian talent via strategic partnerships with industry peers.” Namesake Gary Slaight and his family are also major philanthropists, regularly supporting music projects to hospitals.

Monies raised from “Rise Up Redux” will be distributed through The Toronto Fund.


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