WATCH: Charity Associated with Viral Halloween Light Show of Rage Against The Machine Song in The Matrix

By Karen Bliss 10/20/21 |

Tom BetGeorge outside his The Matrix (Ending Scene) 2021 Halloween Light Show with

A Halloween light show to “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine, the end scene from the film The Matrix, is going viral, and as cool as it is, it’s infinitely cooler because creator Tom BetGeorge has a charity component.

Those in and around the California neighbourhood of Tracy can check it out in real life and donate to McHenry House Tracy Family Shelter.

According to the shelter, it was established in 1987 to respond to the needs of families in crisis.

“Our mission is to empower families to self-sufficiency,” it states on the mission page. “This means that we hope that McHenry House Tracy Family Shelter is the last shelter or temporary housing program that the families we serve will need. We offer a counseling, guidance, and referrals for employment, housing, medical care, and treatment for addictions. We also assist with education for the children and financial planning services and nutrition workshops for heads of households.

“Our main house is a Victorian style home large enough to accommodate up to seven families per day. Homeless families share in household chores and the head of the household meets daily with the case manager to review problems and issues facing the family. A course of action is agreed upon and a timeline is established for each family.”

Samaritan sent off some questions via email to BetGeorge:

Are you a Matrix and Rage Against The Machine fan?

Definitely a Matrix fan. The Rage Against the Machine song is very fitting for the end of the movie. My 11-month-old son doesn't speak yet, but laughs hysterically when the beat drops every time.

How much do you expect to raise? 

We don't really have any expectations as we just want people to be aware of the need in our community, while enjoying a free show. In years past, we have received about $5000 a year in donations.

How exactly is the money is raised? Do you approach people? Is there a donation box?

A donation box in front of the home during shows.

Why did you pick McHenry House?

The McHenry House doesn't do handouts. They help rehabilitate families, which is far more important and helpful. We believe in supporting them because what they do matters and actually works.

What charities have your light shows supported in the past?

The McHenry House in Tracy, CA as well as Centerville Free Dining in Fremont, CA, where we used to live.

What are your plans for Xmas light shows with a charity attached?

We do full-on shows ,actually. If you check our YouTube, you can see the recently uploaded Halloween show, as well as last year’s Christmas Show. We typically do 5-8 new songs a year. I would check our Youtube for an expansive list.

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