Planning On Donating? Check Out CRA’s Database Of Legit Charities

By Karen Bliss 1/15/10 |

Many of you are donating to the relief efforts in Haiti and will likely go with the Canadian Red Cross Society, but to avoid being scammed by sound-alike charity names and smaller local initiatives that may not be honourable, Canada Revenue Agency has a directory which allows you to put the name in the search engine and find out if it’s registered. If it is, it will also give you the business registration number, mailing address and tell you its status: ie. registered or revoked. Who knows if it’s up to date — there may be legit charities that haven’t been put in the system — but it’s a comforting reference source. If you prefer to support a local charity or one which doesn’t show up in this database, just do your research. Know the people involved and ask questions as well. Of course, with the recent arrests of Toronto Humane Society brass for animal cruelty, a registered charity doesn’t always mean that it is being run properly. Donator beware.

You can also contact the Charities Directorate in Ottawa, Ontario:

Tel: (613) 954-0410 or toll free (Canada only) 1-800-267-2384


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