Pop-Rock Band Simple Plan Selling "Help Japan" T-Shirts For Red Cross Relief Efforts

By Karen Bliss 3/19/11 | www.samaritanmag.com

Simple Plan
Montreal pop-rock band Simple Plan, whose album sales have topped 7 million copies worldwide, has created a limited-edited T-shirt with all proceeds going to the Red Cross for the Japan earthquake/ Asia Pacific tsunami relief efforts. The band also donated $10,000 via The Simple Plan Foundation.

The shirt, featuring the red sun disc from the Japanese flag in between the words “simple” and plan” and underneath “#helpjapan," sells for $20 on merchdirect.com.

“It absolutely breaks our hearts to watch the horrible images and videos of the devastation that has hit Japan following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami,” said Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau in a press statement.

“We had the privilege to visit Japan many times and it’s one of the most amazing places in the world. To see such destruction has deeply affected everyone in the band and we really wanted to do everything we could to make a difference. We know our fans will rally behind us and that together we will help the Red Cross make a huge difference in the lives of those affected.”

The members of Simple Plan — Comeau, frontman — established The Simple Plan Foundation in 2005, raising money for various youth-directed charities. The Foundation also supports youth living with life threatening illnesses through their collaboration with music therapy programs. In 2009, proceeds from the sale of the band's single, “Save You,” were distributed to various cancer charities.  


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