Coldplay's "Fix You" Re-Cut In Asia By Simple Plan, These Kids Wear Crowns & More

By Karen Bliss 6/8/11 |

Canada's These Kids Wear Crowns in a Singapore's Ocean Butterflies Studio record their part of Coldplay's
Canada's These Kids Wear Crowns in a Singapore's Ocean Butterflies Studio record their part of Coldplay's

More than 40 artists from all over the world, including Canada’s Simple Plan, These Kids Wear Crowns and Saidah Baba Talibah, cut a charity single of Coldplay’s “Fix You” in Singapore recently to benefit the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that occurred March 11.

The recording was completed during Music Matters, May 26 and 27, the Asian music industry conference that brought the artists to Singapore to showcase. Proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross Society and a Tokyo charity called Peace Boat.

“Japan is a very close market to us,” Music Matters president Jasper Donat, who is based in Hong Kong, told Samaritanmag. “It’s the world’s number two music market; it’s the biggest in Asia. Obviously, we had the tragedy, the tsunami and the earthquake, so we challenged our artists, and working with Universal Publishing, they very kindly donated the rights to Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ track and we re-recorded it using all of our artists. We’re going to be releasing that in a couple of weeks time with a fairly tear-jerking video.

“It started with [Simple Plan frontman] Pierre Bouvier singing on it and finishes with an amazing Japanese guitarist called Yuto [Miyazawa]. In between, it’s just beautiful. The way it was mixed, they have a lot of Japanese instruments playing over the top.  It’s stunning.”

Produced and arranged by Joseph Curiale at Ocean Butterflies in Singapore and co-produced and mixed by Zennon Goh with associate producer Jeff Miyahara, the version also includes the rest of Simple Plan; all six members of These Kids Wear Crowns and Toronto singer Saidah Baba Talibah.

Producer Joseph Curiale and associate producer Jeff Miyahara
Producer Joseph Curiale and associate producer Jeff Miyahara
Joining the Canadians are members of America’s Evaline; UK’s Will And The People, Goober Guns and Franko; Ireland’s Sweet Jane; Taiwan’s Okubo; China’s Car Sick Cars; Taiwan’s KoOk and Silverbus; and Japan/Germany’s Pitchtuner; Singapore’s Sixx and 53A Band; Indonesia’s Polyester Embassy and Disconnected; India’s Pentagram; Australia’s Ball Park Music; plus China’s Helen Feng; Belgium’s Sunny Gottlieb, Jay-J, Katerine Agoustakis and Nelson Morais.

“It’s a really a lovely piece of work,” says Donat. “It took two weeks to do it — it was recorded in 10 different countries to start with and then we had about 30 of the artists going through the studio in one crazy 36-hour period — and then we released it live on Friday night at the conference. There were quite a few tears in the audience. It was a very special moment. This was seeing a music conference actually doing something [charitable].”

“Fix Me” will be sold worldwide through Universal Music Group, says Donat. It can currently be heard on the Music Matters app,

Below is the full list of singers and musicians:


              Pierre Bouvier (Vocal) Simple Plan - Canada

              Sébastien Lefebvre (Vocal and engineer) Simple Plan - Can

              Richard Perry - Evaline - USA

              Rich Craker (Guitar and Vocal) Franko - UK

              Yuto Miyazawa (Guitar and Vocal) - Japan

              Tommy Bastow (Vocal) Franko - UK

              Saidah Baba Talibah (Vocal) - Can

              Lydia Des Dolles (Vocal) Sweet Jane - Ireland

              Lu Yan -AV Okubo - Taiwan

              Shouwang - Car Sick Cars - China

              Leslie Liang – KoOk - Taiwan

              Foo Li – Silverbus - Taiwan

              Johannes Marx – Pitchtuner – Japan/Germany

              Aarika Lee (female vocal) - Sixx - Singapore

              Kevin Lester (male rapper) - Sixx - Singapore

              Elang Eby (Vocalist) - Polyester Embassy - Indonesia

              Arie Ardiansyah (Vocal) - Disconnected – Indonesia

              Muhammad “PJ” Panji Prayoga (Vocal) - Disconnected - INdo

              Alexander Johnson - These Kids Wear Crowns - Can

              Joe Porter - These Kids Wear Crowns - Can

              Matt Vink - These Kids wear Crowns  Can

              Joshua McDaniel - These Kids Wear Crowns - Can

              Josh Mitchinson - These Kids Wear Crowns - Can

              Alan Poettcker - These Kids Wear Crowns - Can

              Will Rendle - Will and the People - UK

              James Keo - Will and the People - UK

              Jim Ralphs - Will and the People - UK

              Charlie Harman - Will and the People - UK

              Tim Hardwick - Goober Guns - UK

              Ian Hardwick - Goober Guns - UK

              Vishal – Pentagram – India

              Jennifer Boyce - Ball Park Music _ Australia

              Sam Cromack - Ball Park Music  - Aus

              Aarika Lee (Vocal) Sixx - Sing

              Sara Wee (Vocal) 53A Band - Sing

              Sunny Gottlieb - Belgium

              Jay-J - Belgium

              Katerine Agoustakis - Belgium

              Nelson Morais - Belgium

              Helen Feng - China


              Joseph Curiale (Keyboards)

              Gary Gideon (Drums)

              Andy Peterson (Bass)

              Shamril Salleh (Guitar)

              Osamu Kitajima (Koto)

              Bruce Huebner (Shakuhachi)

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