Avicii Tribute Concert For Mental Health Awareness to Be Live Streamed Dec. 5

By Aaron Brophy 12/4/19 | www.samaritanmag.com

Avicii — photo via Avicii official Twitter
The tribute concert to Swedish DJ and electronic producer Avicii in support of mental health issues will be live streamed on Dec. 5 on his official youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook, as well as broadcast on U.S., Swedish, European and Asian outlets.

The Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness will take place at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. Produced by the Tim Bergling Foundation, all profits from the event will be directed towards organizations which address mental health needs and suicide prevention for young people. The 55,000 tickets to the performance sold out when the show was announced last September.

The media outlets streaming the event — 9 p.m. to 11.15 p.m. local time CETare SVT (Swedish TV), YLE (Finnish TV), SR (Swedish Radio), Fun Radio (France), Evolution Radio (U.S. iHeart Radio), Firelane (U.S. AMP Radio), Block FM Radio (Japan), EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

Avicii, who's real name was Tim Bergling, died by suicide on April 20, 2018. He was 28.

Created by his parents Klas and Anki Bergling, The Tim Bergling Foundation was established to "advocate for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and promote removing the stigma attached to the discussion of mental health issues. It will support science-based organizations that engage in research into the causes and prevention of suicide, particularly for young people."

"We are grateful that his friends, producers, artists and colleagues are coming to Stockholm to help. They have all expressed a sincere interest and desire to engage in efforts to stem the tide of mental illness and lend their support to our work with the Tim Bergling Foundation. We are very much looking forward to this evening, which will be a starting point for the foundation's work going forward.

"Every year around 1,500 people take their own lives in Sweden and globally up to one million. It is a tragedy that affects families, communities and with long-term effects on relatives who live on in grief. It is a global crisis and the second most common cause of death among young people aged 15-29. We want this concert to help put the topic on the agenda and pay attention to the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. Policies and tools are needed to detect the risks and prevent suicide, especially among young people," said Klas Bergling, in a statement.

Some of the acts scheduled to participate in the tribute concert include Adam Lambert, Rita Ora, Alex Ebert, Aloe Blacc, Amanda Wilson, Andreas Moe, Audra Mae, Blondfire, Bonn, Carl Falk, Dan Tyminski, Daniel Adams Ray, Joe Janiak, Nick Furlong, Otto Knows, Sandro Cavazza, Simon Aldred, Vargas Lagola and Zack Abel. A number of these musicians appeared on Avicii recording but never performed live with him. This will be the first time many have ever performed their specific songs in a live setting.

Avicii experienced tremendous musical success between 2006-2018. Between his own music, remix work and co-productions, Avicii scored no less than 10 number one singles on various charts, including the hit dance song "Wake Me Up" which went number one in 22 countries and was considered by many "the song of the summer" in 2013.

Watch the Avicii "Heaven" tribute video

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