Bowmanville Farm Wants To Feed Your Christmas Tree To Its Goats

By Aaron Brophy 12/30/19 |

Goats and a llama nibble on a tree — photo via Kavanaugh Farms Facebook page
A Bowmanville, Ontario farm is asking for your old Christmas trees so they can be used to feed its goats.

Kavanaugh Farms made the solicitation for this "great treat" in a Facebook post dated Dec. 26.

"It served your family well .... why not repurpose your Christmas tree?" stated the post. "Your old tree makes a great treat for our goats! If you cut down your own tree (not store bought), feel free to come say hi to our goats and drop it off on our lawn whenever you like. Unfortunately we cannot accept store or lot purchased trees as they may be treated with fire retardant or colouring chemicals. Please ensure you remove all tinsel and decorations first. Thanks so much!"

The small farm an hour east of Toronto offers "fresh, free range eggs and chicken, veggies and yoga — with and without goats! No hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals." In addition to the food products and goat yoga, the farm also hosts events and seminars on topics such as homeopathy.

More than 100 replies have been made to the post already, with people saying they'd be dropping off their old trees for the goats to snack on. Farm staff have also further clarified what kind of trees they're willing to accept for their goats.

"We’ve had a few questions about the source of the tree," read a Kavanaugh Farms reply. "Unfortunately we can only accept trees cut down fresh from a tree farm. Trees bought from a tree lot or store may be sprayed with fire retardant chemicals or colouring chemicals that would not be safe for our goats to eat."


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