Charitable Deal Site Expands to Include Crowdfunding

By Kim Hughes 3/12/14 | founder Apostolos Sigalas chats with people for his Give A Buck campaign. The deal site handed out 100 loonies for Giving Tuesday, 2013.
Almost as soon as he launched his Groupon-like daily deal site last spring, altruistic Toronto businessman Apostolos Sigalas knew his future business success lay in crowdfunding.

Specifically, a Canadian crowdfunding site in which small to medium-sized charities could leverage the infrastructure and connections of Sigalas’ business-friendly online platform to raise money for their causes, similar to how Kickstarter or IndieGoGo allows musicians to fund albums in exchange for perks like autographed copies or living-room performances.

In the scenario, retailers, restaurateurs or spas offer perks in the form of gift cards that would-be fundraisers can offer in exchange for donations, thus boosting online donations and raising the charitable profile of corporations.

Enter the newly redesigned and re-launched, which does all the above and then some while still operating as a straight-up deal site with a portion of proceeds directed at charities. Corporations can flex their CSR muscle by donating perks to charities. Charities with limited marketing budgets can fundraise in a novel (and very 21st century) way.

And consumers can support causes they care about while reaping rewards for their generosity. Or maybe do a little fundraising for passion projects of their own. Creating a campaign is easy, and there is genuine excitement in attracting support for a home-cooked vision.

Campaigners of all stripes can track donor data, funds raised, page visits, even social shares, all on’s existing platform.

The website – which is compartmentalized into four areas (Shop Perks, Charities, Crowdfunding, and Create Crowdfunding) explains it this way: “ is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for creative projects, new business ideas, athletic ambitions, worthy causes, and everything in between! GreedyGiver is the only crowdfunding platform that also provides perks/rewards to encourage people to support your initiative making fundraising way easier.”

“We wanted to put the power in the hands of the fundraiser,” Sigalas says in a recent release about’s revamped site. “By offering rewards, fundraisers can now feel more confident about asking their networks [of supporters] for donations.” has lined up several marquee retailers ­— Old Navy, Cineplex, Starbucks, Indigo — to offer perks, thus “Helping Canadians fund what matters to them,” as their tagline boasts.

Similarly, various high-profile charities including Children’s Wish, Ontario Lung Association, Sunnybrook Foundation, Sierra Club Canada and Because I Am a Girl are using as an additional tool in their fundraising toolbox.

Last fall, in an interview with Samaritanmag, Sigalas said “If a deal site and crowdfunding site had a love child, it would be a GreedyGiver.” Count on Sigalas to make good on his pledges. 

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