Tap Water Bottle Eco-friendly, Inexpensive, Cool Looking

By Karen Bliss 12/7/09 | www.samaritanmag.com

Tap Water
Clear glass reusable and portable Tap Water Bottle
If you’re trying to break some old habits, such as buying bottled water, or any bottled beverage for that matter, Canadian company Tap Water Bottle is offering a fun and environmentally friendly alternative — a refillable, reusable clear glass bottle with an attached tight flip-cap. And it’s something quite elegant and sleek that doesn’t look like you’re about to hop on your bike or go for a hike. But be careful, it is breakable, of course. Hey, if companies can sell tap water, why not tap water bottles?

The bottles, purchased in Italy, come in two sizes, and feature a lengthy cheeky message, written in white font, one about how the best things in life are free (including tap water) and the other about how fancy French bottled water is no different from tap. The 250-millilitre Tap Water Bottle retails for $10 and the 500-millilitre bottle for $12.

Besides the fact that plastic bottles take more than a thousand years to degrade in landfills and a reported 200 billion bottles beverages are consumed globally (source: Find A Fountain), there is also the health hazard of leaching chemicals from the plastic into the drinking water. Glass doesn’t have this problem, plus it’s 100 percent recyclable and made from natural resources. And unlike many travel mugs/bottles, Tap Water Bottle can be washed in the dishwasher.

Tap Water Bottle was launched in October by sassy Racquel Youtzy and according to her website, www.tapwater-bottle.com, “We wanted to use only the highest quality, safest glass for our Tap Water Bottles and after much searching and testing we ended up in Italy where they have been known for their quality glass production for hundreds of years. We would have preferred a North American source, but for the size of our initial production run we could not find a local factory (as orders grow we are sure this will change). But unlike European ‘bottled water,’ our bottles only make the trip once, while empty, and are to be reused, forever.”

Tap Water Bottle can be purchased on the website and shipped anywhere in North America, or picked up at Toronto establishments Simple Café (1303 Queen St. East), The Inspired Cook (1378 Queen St. East), Laide Lounge (138 Adelaide St. East) and The Yoga Lounge (103 Church Street).


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