Conor Gains Limited Vinyl EP To Support MusiCounts For Record Store Day Canada June 12

By Aaron Brophy 6/10/21 |

Conor Gains — photo by Ryan Faist
Innovative blues-soul musician Conor Gains will be releasing a special version of his Three EP for Record Store Day Canada with the proceeds going towards the MusiCounts charity.

Three RSDC Edition is the lead promotional release for Record Store Day Canada on June 12. The special edition vinyl release will retail for $10 and includes a bonus sixth song ("Stutter") which is not found on the regular edition of Three. There will be 175 copies of Three RSDC Edition spread across 20 different Canadian record stores.

Money raised from the sale of Three RSDC Edition will go to MusiCounts' Band Aid Program, which provides musical instruments and equipment to in-need schools. The program recently and recently awarded $1 million in support to 95 schools across Canada.

MusiCounts is the charity arm of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) which puts on the Juno Awards and has a mission to "ensure that children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances and cultural background, have access to music programs through their schools and communities." Some of their initiatives include the Band Aid Program and MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award, an award that presents a $10,000 cheque to the school of one excellent music teacher each year.

"Music has been a driving force throughout my life," said Gains in a statement. "It’s given me stability and provided a lot of catharsis through difficult times. My first love was the guitar, but I played clarinet at school, which opened me up to new musical genres and inspired me. Having access to different instruments at school gave me an opportunity to learn, experiment, and get creative. That’s whyI feel strongly that every child should have a chance to get exposed to music, and I’m grateful to be a part of that through MusiCounts. If we can change one life and create a future in music, or provide a creative outlet, I feel like I’ve done my part."

Three RSDC Edition track list:
1. Light Shine In
2. Hiding From Myself
3. Satellites
4. Mirror
5. Let It Go

Watch Conor Gains' "Light Shine In" video

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