Outdoor Clothing Retailer L.L. Bean Contributes $3M to Help You Find Your Park

By Nick Krewen 8/23/18 | www.samaritanmag.com

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park — photo credit: National Park Service

Outdoor clothing retailer L.L. Bean has pledged a multi-year partnership with America's National Park Foundation, which raises private funds to help protect more than 84 million acres of national parks through conservation and preservation.

Under the $3 million (USD) agreement, the company, headquartered in Freeport, Maine, will support more than 400 national parks  in the U.S. and will subsidize the Find Your Park awareness campaign that inspires people to discover and share their connections to America’s national parks.

The Find Your Park website allows you to find parks both through location and activity and Shawn Gorman, L.L. Bean’s executive chairman says more people should get outdoors to appreciate nature through park visits.

“National parks are some of America’s greatest treasures, and we want to help make it as easy as possible for people to find a memorable adventure. People might be surprised to discover how close many of these parks are,” Gorman said in a statement.

 “The outdoors is part of our company’s history, heritage and DNA. Like the National Park Foundation, ours is a legacy rooted in the outdoors that began more than a century ago and will continue long into the future. Both organizations have always been committed to getting people outside, so this partnership makes fantastic sense.”

This $3 million contribution is not the company’s first: L.L Bean, which operates 41 stores in 17 states and 27 stores in Japan, has donated more than $6 million toward conservation and land stewardship over the past five years.

Will Shafroth, the president of the National Park Foundation — the official charity of America’s national parks and the National Park Service’s non-profit partner — said in a statement that L.L. Bean’s current $3 million investment “helps power the movement to connect more people from all walks of life with the natural, cultural and historical treasures found across the National Park System.”

He added, “Once people discover how accessible these places are, they develop a lifelong passion for exploring and protecting them.”

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the National Park Foundation also has a mandate to connect U.S. citizens and engage the next generation of park stewards with the country’s natural landscapes, culture and history.


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