Pizza Pizza Offering Free Slice For Old Phones, Electronics As Part Of Earth Month

By Aaron Brophy 4/6/16 |

Free slices for devices — photo credit: Torchia
That dead electronics graveyard in the back of your closet is finally worth something — free pizza from Pizza Pizza.

To celebrate Earth Month, throughout April the pie chain will be giving away free pizza slices — your choice, cheese or pepperoni — in exchange for your old, unwanted or broken electronic device. The campaign, which is called Slices For Devices, is a partnership with the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) and the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), and will take place at traditional Pizza Pizza stores (express locations such as gas stations, schools and arenas are excluded) in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskachewan and Nova Scotia.

Mobile and smart phones, digital cameras, iPods and MP3 players and handheld gaming consoles like Nintendo 2DS/ 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita are all eligible for free slice trade-ins, with a limit of four devices per customer.

Earth Month is an extension of the annual Earth Day celebrations held worldwide on April 22 designed to support environmental initiatives like green schools, reforestration, protecting endangered species and fighting climate change.

Pizza Pizza, which has collected nearly 17,000 devices in the previous 12 years of the Slices For Devices campaign, gives the electronics they collect to the EPRA, who use specialized recyclers to "break down old technology and harvest the raw materials that went into them including glass, plastics, and precious metals like gold and copper," all with an eye to use the recovered materials in new products, according to Pizza Pizza's web site. Additionally, they manage potentially dangerous materials like lead and mercury.

Proceeds from device refurbishment will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network, which raises funds for children's hospitals in communities across North America, through Pizza Pizza's charitable arm, Slices For Smiles Foundation, which assists charities assist "that provide the fundamental building blocks of life, education, healthcare, nutrition and social support to children and families to enhance their potential to achieve a better quality of life."

Pizza Pizza will also be running a program for schools and businesses who want to participate in Slices For Devices during Earth Month. Acceptable electronic recyclables for this program include "any large electronic device with cord attached," monitors, CPU systems, keyboards, projectors, VHS players, video cameras and all small electronic devices. Pizza Pizza will give donors a $25 gift card for each 40”x 48” x 36" bin they fill. Further details can be found here.

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