TheAppLabb Wins $20K Table Tennis Prize, Donates To Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital

By Etan Vlessing 6/1/20 |

(L-R): Kundan Joshi, CEO, The AppLabb; Muraly Srinarayanathas, deputy chair, Srinarayanathas Foundation; Sandra Hawken, president/CEO, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation — photo provided.

The Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation has received $20,000 for work to help kids with disabilities from Toronto mobile app developer TheAppLabb, which won the prize in a table tennis competition. The money was donated by the Srinarayanathas Foundation, created by Canadian entrepreneur Muraly Srinarayanathas.

Based in Toronto, the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilition Hospital cares for young people with disabilities, or kids needing rehabilitation after illness or trauma, or whose medical condition cannot be treated elsewhere.

"It feels incredibly privileged especially in today's times of greater need to contribute towards a great local cause," said The AppLabb's CEO Kundan Joshi in a statement. "TheAppLabb's purpose is to enable technology and innovation to deliver positive social impact and it's our honour to contribute to an organization that creates innovative programs to support and empower kids with disabilities. It feels great to have made a meaningful difference in the lives of these wonderful kids."

The Holland Bloorview Hospital also offers family workshops and online resources, youth volunteer and employment training programs, and support services for caregivers.

"While it is the role of all parents to take care of their children, the parents of kids with special needs face extra challenges and requirements. Our role goes beyond parenting – we are caregivers to our kids. It is important to acknowledge these extra demands, as caregivers often prioritize their children’s needs before their own. Unless we take active steps toward self-care, we run the risk of burning out. The health of the caregiver directly impacts the child they are caring for," the Holland Bloorview health care facility says on its website.

There's also respite support via overnight and day services for children from birth to the age of 18, which offers temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands from caring for kids with a disability, which includes opportunities for summer camp and March Break programs.

The $20,000 donation was won by TheAppLabbs at the inaugural Paddle for Good Charity Tournament, where five corporate teams competed at table tennis, then chose the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation as their charity of choice.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is affiliated with the University of Toronto and serves over 7,500 families annually.

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